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September 22. 2017

New Valid Pebbell SIM Price Tariff – IOM Number Range users – Valid from 01.11.2017 onwards. Valid Only for Pebbell SIM IOM Number range users having Monthly Line Rental Tariff as of today as 83.3p +VAT per Month.

From 01.11.2017 onwards the New Monthly Line Rental Fee will have 5.65% increase and the new Monthly Line rental Fee for Pebbell IOM Number Range users will be 88p +VAT. The reason for price increase is the drastic change of the GBP versus EURO currency conversions in Last 12 Months  This new Increased price is only valid for Pebbell user that have had the Monthly Line rental Fee as 83.3P so new Price will be 88p + VAT  This Increase will have no impact on Pebbell SIM UK Mainland Number where the Monthly Line Rental Fee is 1.25 GBP +VAT

September 12.2017
Pebbell at Pharmacy Show  Visit TELMENOW STAND PC10a

Pharmacy Show is the largest, national conference and exhibition for community pharmacy professionals and their industry. 

June 28, 2017

PEBBELL Personal Safety device tested as part of the YES service concept


We started recruiting at the end of 2016 to get pilot customers to the YES service concept. Recruits continued until the beginning of 2017, when we found that we have a sufficient number of different types of experimenters. From the outset, the idea was to involve, in particular, single-minded elderly and disabled people. However, the project was also interested in people with self-limiting illness and who felt that they were stuck in their own home even if there were motion games. The project was also chosen as a tester with a large number of rides on the ground either alone or in a group and where it was intended to test whether such a device would be safe when riding on the ground. We came to the conclusion that with the broader and more heterogeneous test group we get the tested security, the better we learn from it, and we are able to form an idea of ​​what environments and situations the device has the most benefit.


Tested Pebbell Model

The tested device was the Pebbell 2 Waterproof model, which is slightly more expensive than the first sitter in the Pebbell GPS SOS phone. However, we wanted to test a device that will withstand moisture and water and thus safeguard independent test users regardless of weather conditions. What we got into the Pebbell device is definitely its versatility. Nothing new is available in positioning devices or security telephones, they have been in the market for a long time. However, in a rare device, these functions are combined in one and the same device. This was, in our view, an absolute advantage, especially from the point of view of risk management. The device therefore has a number of different functionalities to ensure the security that we specify below:


Security Phone. You can call and call the device. You can answer an incoming call and save three different numbers for emergency situations. The primary number is the one that receives the alarm messages from the device, which I will give you more detail in the next section. The other two digits are so called. Reserve numbers if the primary number does not match. The device then begins to play the numbers stored therein when the SOS button in it is pressed.

Alarm messages. The device sends an alarm message to the primary number stored on the device when SOS is pressed. The alert message has a short message share and location information, as well as a link to the Google Maps Map Service to see the location of the device. Alarm messages are also triggered when the person using the device crashes or exceeds the geographic boundary (not a mandatory feature)

Positioning. If the person who carries the device cannot be contacted, a text message may be sent to it, giving the return message a map link indicating the location of the device

Accelerometer. For the elderly and section-type illnesses, and why it is extremely important for riders too, that the device sends a "FALL ALARM" message to the primary number stored in the device. Even when the message arrives, it is clear what kind of situation this is all about. In this case, in addition to the message, a map link is provided that tells you exactly where the crash happened

Safeguards. It is also possible to define security limits. In practice, the device sends a message to the primary number stored in the device when the device exceeds the specified geographic limit. This is an important feature, for example, in a mild memory paediatrician that may be at risk of being lost or in a small child.

What kind of experiences did we get from users?

In the main, the experiences were extremely positive, the best news on us was those in which the device actually saved the person using the device from a worse incident. The SOS functionality of the device works with all users as it used to be. We only received small scanty-related observations from customers. We have collected both under positive and negative observations during the test period:

On the positive:

  1. Saved from incident several times
  2. It brought security to the user who uses the device and to her close friends
  3. The call function works and the voice is good in both directions
  4. The crash sensor works like it does, except for foreigners (Domestic SIM card without roaming?)
  5. The SOS function works, in turn, calls all the numbers stored in the device
  6. The positioning device works, the positioning of the program sees the position of the device sufficiently accurately, as well as the positioning of the positioning device in the text message with precise coordinates that assist the first response to the location of the control
  7. Alarm messages are running as you like
  8. Small and easy to size, does not hinder moving and does not recognize it as a safety device



  1. The device was somewhat expensive, especially for the elderly, with this solution a slightly cheaper sister device or a hiring option could be a waterproof model
  2. One device user did not have to have a prepaid feature, even though there is a balance warning here
  3. The device was expected to have a more visible image of the battery, which could monitor the battery life. Now the device sends a text message when the device battery is low, even if this message goes to the primary number stored on the device, that is, that person must remind the device user to put the security device on the charging. All participants in the experiment wanted to continue as users of the device. We think this is the most important signal of the functionality of the device and its necessity in different life situations. We think the device is best suited to people who are still mobile, independent and self-employed. For longer memory pediatric patients, it is more suitable for other safety devices on the market, mainly because Pebbell does not have the attachment that the chronic memory stick should not be removed.


We are pleased to have a safety device for the experiment and we will continue to cooperate with Mobicare Oy, who imports the safety equipment and introduced the device in the North Ostrobothnia region. Read the original Finnish text at

June 28-29, 2017

HoIP Telecom taking part at Health Plus Care Expo, 28-29 June 2017 | ExCeL London


Europe's largest integrated health and social care event, building relationships between commissioners, providers and suppliers.

Where innovation meets inspiration Read more
June 17, 2017
FOLLOW PEBBELL JUSSI NOW LIVE at Triathlon Celtman in Scotland
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The Extreme Triathlon Celtman in Scotland is a cold and unpredictable triathlon competition. The competition starts with 3.4km of swimming, about 10 degrees of jewels in stony sea water. The bicycle section is 202 km in Scottish hilly, windy and cold terrain. However, the runner-up is the worst. Marathon 42 km runs across Torridon Mountains. In addition to the weather, the lack of official service points is a challenge to competition. Care must be taken to service and "survival equipment". The organizer has ordered mandatory equipment and checked them before the race and each competitor has ordered equipment

June 14, 2017

Pebbell- AMBRE TEA Trekking has now arrived HImalaya to one of the highest TEA plantation in the world 2132m and going higher.

We are very pround that all is working fine down there

May 29, 2017

HoIP Telecom and Pebbell taking part at Extrame Triathlon Celtman in Scotland

The Extreme Triathlon Celtman in Scotland is a cold and unpredictable triathlon competition. The competition starts with 3.4km of swimming, about 10 degrees of jewels in stony sea water. The bicycle section is 202 km in Scottish hilly, windy and cold terrain. However, the runner-up is the worst. Marathon 42 km runs across Torridon Mountains. In addition to the weather, the lack of official service points is a challenge to competition. Care must be taken to service and "survival equipment". The organizer has ordered mandatory equipment and checked them before the race and each competitor has ordered equipment. The competition will start on June

Read more or You can follow Jussi on 17.6.2017 via the link Here:

MAY 11, 2017

Adventure "Coeur D'argan" 4WD in Morocco

A 10 jours de notre raid Aventure "Coeur D'argan" en 4X4 au Maroc, nous remercions GEOVIE -PEBBELL pour nous fournir des plugs permettant de suivre notre tracé jusqu'au au fin fond du désert! Retrouvez dés le 21 mai notre trace GPS sur le FB de la team des KZELLES

April 26, 2017

HoIP Telecom, Mobicare and Pebbell taking part at IRONMAN Lanzarote- 20.05.2017

IRONMAN Lanzarote is one of the longest-standing races in Europe. A Unesco biosphere reserve, Lanzarote is a captivating island with 300 volcanic cones. There are tropical beaches, interesting sights, and a plethora of restaurants and hotels. The landscape is starkly beautiful, reminiscent of the black lava fields of Kona, intermixed with tropical beachside scenes. Over the past few years, marked walking trails and rural accommodation options have increased. The island’s major sights have been aesthetically developed by the late César Manrique, a Lanzarote native and artist

On race day, the event's two-lap swim course takes place at Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen, the main tourist resort of the island. The bike course is well known for challenging athletes with strong winds, and leads athletes around the island with over 2551 meters of climbing. Participants will enjoy amazing views and will have lots of support from volunteers along the way. Finally, the 3-lap run course leads competitors along the flat sea front of Puerto del Carmen, towards the airport and back. Athletes will enjoy beautiful views of the ocean under the intense Lanzarote sun, while feeling the impressive support of thousands of spectators lining the streets. 

IRONMAN Lanzarote offers 40 qualifying slots to the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

January 12, 2017

Pebbell gadget that could save the life of someone with dementia

Pebbell trackers, which are small enough to fit in the palm, contain GPS technology which when paired with a smartphone can pinpoint the user's whereabouts. The trackers are being trialled by West Midlands Police as part of a partnership with Dudley Council to help prevent people with dementia from going missing. They can be worn around the neck on a lanyard or attached to personal belongings such as a bag or dog lead.

Families can text the Pebbell’s own distinctive number and will receive a response which has a map of the owner’s location.

If they cannot get in touch with the Pebbell's owner, the device can pick up background sounds which can also help to pinpoint locations.

Dudley Council has already successfully introduced the technology to some of its residents, and Dudley Police's partnerships team have received funding to start piloting it.

Elizabeth Orange has seen the benefits of the Pebbell in keeping tabs on her 61-year-old uncle who had been reported as missing several times before receiving a device. She said: "I didn’t want to stop him going out after he was diagnosed with dementia; but it was a real worry when I couldn’t get in touch with him. The police had to find him after he went missing a couple of times.- "But the Pebbell is fantastic as even if he doesn’t answer his mobile I can keep a check on where he is. It has taken a lot of the anxiety away for me."

Each Pebbell is monitored by relatives or carers with the support of the council’s Dudley Telecare Service which helps reduce the demand on police resources.

Missing persons officer, PC Arnold, said: “This latest technology is invaluable in keeping in touch with someone with dementia who can be prone to going missing.

“Those with dementia are able to keep their independence but can be tracked and give their loved ones and carers some peace of mind.

“The devices also reduce the demand on police resources in finding someone who has wandered off; as they can be quickly identified by family members or staff from Dudley Telecare Service."

Councillor Qadar Zada, cabinet lead for adult social care at Dudley Council said: "We are pleased to be working in partnership with West Midlands Police, providing support through our Dudley Telecare Service, to people with dementia.

"The pebbell is an innovative gadget which already supports many people across Dudley Borough who have dementia, and their families and carers.

"It really has proved that it can change peoples lives, providing freedom to people with dementia and reassurance and peace of mind to family members and carers."

Source : www.expressandstar.com