Personal Alarms and GPS Trackers 


SOS Alarm - helps if you are you in an emergency situation or you need immediate help?
Pebbell possible service

With the HoIP Pebbell SOS Alarm, you have access to help when you need it most. The Pebbell iSOS Alarm s for use at home but due our Pro roaming SIM, it can also be used when you’re out and about making sure you have round the clock help.

The Pebbell SOS Alarm is a personal safety alarm with a large buddy button on the front that keeps you connected with loved ones. The device can help maintain safety and reassure family and friends. It is very small and very discreet meaning you can pop it in your pocket or attach with a lanyard to wear around your neck or wrist for those who would be worried about forgetting to take it out with them.

The Pebbell SOS Alarm is available in five different colours: full Black, Black/Silver, Blue,Green and Pink. Allowing for individuality, a colour that suits your preference. Along with the Pebbell SOS Alarm device, you are provided with a USB charger which is in the same colour as your chosen Pebbell.

HoIP Multi-Net Roaming SIM - Best UK Mobile Network Coverage

One of the most attractive features of the Pebbell device includes a HoIP Pro roaming UK+EU SIM card which you can top up live so that it can be used as an emergency mobile phone activating all of its fantastic features! This SIM card is great due to the fact that it roams through all available networks– it just switches always to best available network in your area. This is what makes it possible to use when you’re away from home.