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3 October 2016 / Alberto Guzman /

BiiSafe and HOIP Telecom Ltd join forces in UK

BiiSafe, a Finnish company, offers highly versatile and advanced IoT wearables to improve safety and well-being of both individuals and organizations. The Company’s vision is to combine its products, software and service platform into a seamless global package.

HOIP Telecom Ltd, headquarters in Southampton UK, is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler which provides services especially for lone workers and health, wellbeing and care markets.  HOIP provides customers a mobile network which offers national roaming and the mobile signal that covers  the whole UK. That means, a Buddy connected to mobile phone with HOIP mobile network, provides an outstanding coverage for an end user.


”BiiSafe Buddy is a very easy-to-use and a perfect product to our product range. We trust strongly on the product and we believe we are able to sell even tens of thousands of products through our broad partner network in next few years”, says CCO Mika Heiniö of HOIP Telecom LTD.

”Our IoT wearables are developed to exceed customer expectations and we have been able to convince few end users in UK together with HOIP Telecom”, says COO and Founder of BiiSafe Jouni Suutarinen.

”The co-operation with HOIP enables us to reach new target audiences in safety and health sectors. The operator network covering the whole country ensures that Buddy can operate everywhere in UK. HOIP also provides i.a. mass SMS broadcasting service which can be attached to Buddy’s alarm feature”, continues Suutarinen.


Contact persons:

Jouni Suutarinen, COO, BiiSafe Oy

jouni.suutarinen@biisafe.com, +358 40 158 0858

Mika Heiniö, CCO, HOIP Telecom Ltd.

Mika.heinio@hoip-telecom.co.uk, +44 7624 920191 

BiiSafe in brief:
BiiSafe Ltd. is a Finnish company founded in 2011 that develops, markets, manufactures and sells software, peripherals and service platforms related to security and wellness services. BiiSafe provides advanced and easy-to-implement products and services which enhance security and well-being of both individuals and organizations. The Company’s vision is to create a security and wellness service platform, which combines the Company's products and services into a globally working seamless and be easy-to-use package.

www.biisafe.com  facebook.com/biisafe  twitter.com/biisafe

HOIP Telecom Ltd.
HOIP Telecom Ltd. is a British company providing high-quality and reasonable price  easy-to-use telecommunication services for healthcare. Mobile Virtual Network Operator started operating in 2009 and is the first mobile network service provider  in its market focusing in health, wellbeing and care.