Personal Alarms and GPS Trackers 

The alarm friends and family does exactly what it says in the ad - it has provided fuss free assurance of a back up without a monthly fee - excellent support on the phone help line...thank you...already passed …
Susan Telford

We have issued 2 Pebbells so far and the LIVE service users are very pleased with the product and they all agreed it is very easy to use.



Cambridgeshire County Council 26th October 2016

I rang HoIP Pebbell as it was the only one I could find which had a detection mode on it in case my mum fell & was unable to press her necklace alarm. The person I spoke to was Mika, who couldn't have been more helpful. He arranged a choice of delivery dates with the suppliers & rang me to check the best one for us & said they would ring one hour before arrival. On the appointed day, we waited for the phone call, which didn't happen. I then rang HoIP's office to find out what was happening but he wasn't there. Another Person said he would get hold of the suppliers who would then ring me in a few minutes. They didn't, so I rang HoIP's office again. The other person was very apologetic & said he would sort it! After about 5 mins the person that was supposed to be coming to us rang apologising & said he realised his company hadn't put the parts on his van & we rearranged the date. After another 5 mins I had another call this time from Mika, full of apologies. He had just found out about the problem - I thought that was wonderful of him!

In the end, all was sorted very satisfactorily & the alarm centre is very efficient & instant, when we've had a couple of queries. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company. -

Trevor - September 9th, 2016

It was very easy and simple to buy from HoIP. It was refreshing to speak to a person and not an automated 'machine'. The sales person explained everything simply and easily understood what my needs were.


Pebbell has given me confidence!
I am 23 and was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 17. Over the years I have felt like I haven't had the chance to grow up as my seizures have got worse meaning I couldn't do basic everyday things. Previously during a seizure sometimes I struggled to work/understand my phone, however now with the Pebbell I have a great amount of confidence to go out by myself and it has also provided peace of mind for my mum. I have recommended the Pebbell to a lot of people I know on social networks and also through hospitals, they're all now looking into getting one.
Thanks for Pebbell!!
My Mum has now a Pebbell alarm The item arrived very quickly within three days and I also received an pre e-mail advising me of a delivery time, I had also telephoned HoIP before buying and the msn was really very helpful. I am very pleased so far all has gone better than assumed
Ann, Nov 21, 2015
Fantastic product and fast delivery!
The minucipality did not pay Pebbell for my sick mother so I bought this Pebbell GPS myself in order to be able to monitor her at a distance. All of us children have access to the Web tracking platfrom and it emails if she leaves the area or she fall down. Moreover , we see her in real time all the time.Worth every penny to avoid anxiety and all the stress. Highly recommended to Alzheimer's disease.
(+) for Battery life, performance and weight. (-) not waterproof yet ! otherwise satisfied
Tony, 26 April, 2015
Amaging Product!
Very satisfied. This is an amazing product. We have it on our father who has dementia. Pebbell has helped us locate him on several occasions in places that we otherwise never had been looking at. One day he sat on the bus towards Wallasey (close Liverpool). Although it is only 15% of the battery left, we could track him in real time and drive down and pick him up. Worth noting that the old man did not even pay the bus fare :)
Sheila, 13 April -Worried Daughter
Extremely helpful. Excellent service. Works exactly as described. Feel secure that when Dad is out and about and gets into trouble he can get help easily.…


Elizabeth told the News: “The pebbell is brilliant. It’s absolutely amazing. I think everybody who looks after someone who is vulnerable should have one.

“It used to be a real worry when he would go out, or we would go somewhere together and he would wander off and I would have no way in getting in touch with him.

“I didn’t want to stop him going out after he was diagnosed with dementia and my aunt passed away, but once he went missing for three days and the police had to go out and try and find him.

“But now I have an alarm that is set four times a day to remind me to text the pebbell to see where he is and make sure he’s safe.

“It has certainly taken a lot of the anxiety and sleepless nights away for me



Delivered quickly and as promised. SIM card model works well though setting up instructions could have been clearer with regard to 'programming' through a mobile phone. 

Mary Jacobs

I purchased the fall alert for my elderly Mother. A recent fall had knocked her confidence to continue living alone. The service I received from HoIP was first class. Their aftersales service is also excellent should you need it. My Mother says she feels able to continue living independently which is great news for her and our family

Phil Taiylor - August 24, 2016

The delivery was quick. The instructions were good. I had occasion to contact your customer relations, Mika, and was treated really well. Mika answered all my silly questions, and was extremely helpful. He was a real credit to your company. I will certainly recommend your company to people I know

Brian - August 12, 2016

Pebbell looks fabulous!

This device really looks fabulous and the live web tracking platform is amazingly simple and straightforward same as the Mobile Client

Brad Rapoport - March 31,2016

Unsure at first
What my daughter likes about the pebbell tracker is that if she needs to get hold of me she can just press the button on the front. She used it when shes been unwell and I know that I need to go and pick her up. She definitely wasn't sure about carrying it around at first but it’s so small she can just put it in her bag
Pebbell for Sport!
I have bought one now, it's great. Money definitely worth spending! I've been able to do lots of walks hopefully in few months start running again . I reccomend it to all a lot

Iona Ellen October 23, 2015
Smooth and beautiful GPS device. Quality is the Word
A hell of a smooth and beautiful GPS device. Quality is the watchword.Like how it feels both in your hand and in your pocket, and the most important thing is that it really works! Tried to buy cheaper tracking devices but they never worked - now I'm out in the woods with Pebbell. If I get into trouble I simply press the SOS and my family can come and pick me up and help me. I am 82 and I can handle it, you can too
Rob, June 5, 2015
Simply really good!
Pebbell GPS is SIMPLY really good
Alice, 24 April, 2015
Very impressed!
I've bought one Pebbell and have been very impressed with it wondering if this is really something I could sell to my customers so if I bought in bulk could I get a good discount and could I become a Pebbell Reseller
Mark, March 13, 2015
Brilliant customer service, very knowledgeable. Arrived very quickly and very simple to set up. Now have peace of mind if my gran needs us we will know.
K Phillips
 The adviser was extremely helpful and gave useful personal insight as to how the product could be set up and at used. Very clear communication and called back exactly as requested.…

My mum is getting older and she fell the other day and couldn't get up for about an hour until someone found her. This device is now worn around her neck and allows her to push the button to call me in an emergency. If I don't answer, the next emergency contact is called. It has a 10 day battery and I prefer this Pebbell 1 to the Pebbell 2 as you can use your own cheap SIM card. I can text it any time to get an accurate GPS location and it responds with a Google map link. Lastly, it has a fall detector which works. If the unit detects a fall, it will send me a text and then call me which is valuable for those occasions where the wearer may have been knocked unconscious. This is an amazing device and the manufacturers need to do a better job of advertising it. I was looking for something like this for a while and it took an age to realise that Pebbell is exactly what I was looking for.

Purchased Pebbell on Amazon

Faultless information, service and delivery. Mika from HoIP made several international calls to take me through what (for me) was a difficult installation in France. He was both knowledgeable and immensely helpful, and unfailingly patient, friendly and helpful. I'm 72 years old, and have never had better customer service in my life! The HoIP team should be very proud of themselves. Thank you. -


Andrew cornell - August 26, 2016

I am very pleased to say that I was very pleased with the service you provided and are very happy to recommend this product and the firm. Everyone was very helpful and had good knowledge on all aspects. Thanks. again :-)

Jackie - August 22,2016

Friendly, efficient and thoroughly professional service. The whole purchase, installation and testing process was made very easy and straightforward, both in the practical and the financial aspects. In short, this product seems to do 'precisely what it says on the tin'! I would recommend "HoIP Pebbell" without hesitation

Pebbell gave me confidence to go out alone!
Pebbell gave me confidence to go out alone and it has also provided peace for my husband. I have recommended the Pebbell to a lot of people that i know have similar situation and they're all now looking into getting one.
Paula, January 21, 2016
My father know where I am!
What I like about the pebbell tracker is that if I need to get hold of my father I can just press the button on the front of it. At first I wasn’t sure about carrying the pebbell (my fathers idea to purcahse) but it’s so small I can put it in my pocket or bag
Turo, Dec 6, 2015
Pebbell fall detection is excellent!
Hello, I think I have set up most of the various functions on the Pebbell and the fall detection is excellent as is the alarm call and the communication between the alarm and my mobile. The only real problem so far is getting my husband to remember what the alarm is for and how to respond to it!! I wish I had known about Pebbell some time ago when my hasband was not so bad. I would like to receive few leaflets about it to give out at the memory cafe's near to me and at our GP surgery. Looking forward to hearing from HoIP
Liz, June 16, 2015
Pebbell smooth and easy!
Pebbell GPS is smooth and easy. Our Childrenno longer feel that they have something in their pocket - earlier heard often. Dad, I have something in my pocket? That said no more:).but the most positive surprise is the battery life! This little gadget has probably 5 times better battery life than any other I have looked. My advice to you if you think of purcahse a SOS GPS.. purchase a Pebbell. I can highly recommend web tracking allowing me to follow my children in real time from my work computer. I am lazy so can not be bothered texting to find out the position every 5 minutes. Right fun to tell the kids that I know exactly...

Nick, 24 April,  2015